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New York City large soda ban blocked — Are LA's Big Gulps safe?


American Idol judges Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey as the top 10 girls performed, Tuesday, March 5, 2013 — with a Coke Zero cup.

An attempted by New York City to block large sugary drinks has been invalidated by the New York State Supreme Court. That ban was supposed to take place Tuesday, but now Manhattanites can hold onto their liquid sugar fixes — and the judges on “American Idol” can feel a little more comfortable with their large Coke-sponsored cups prominently displayed each week. (Though they did manage to display cups promoting the sugarfree Coke Zero last week.)

Justice Milton A. Tingling Jr., along with having an awesome name, stood with sugarheads everywhere and called the ban “arbitrary and capricious,” according to the New York Times. He also noted its inequity, pointing out it only applied to certain businesses, but not, say, convenience stores — Big Gulps, anyone?

Last year, the Atlantic Cities did a little speculating to figure out which major city might be next to follow in New York’s footsteps. It seems there’s no need to fear, Los Angeles — given L.A. County’s lack of enthusiasm for pushing calorie posting, never moving past the law’s introductory phase, it looks unlikely they’d jump to anything as dramatic as a big sugary drink ban.

The city they do expect to follow in New York’s footsteps? A different West Coast representative — Seattle.

Still, L.A. is among cities who limited sugary drink sales on government property, along with banning the sale of sugary drinks at public schools. But when left to the public to decide, we love our sugary drinks — voters rejected a tax on sugary drinks in two California cities last fall, El Monte and Richmond.

One group of Californians who might be in trouble — those who use CalFresh, the state food stamps program, as lawmakers are considering banning using food stamps to buy sugary sodas and other fattening drinks. I guess they should start sending in their “American Idol” audition tapes now.

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