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'Babylon 5,' 'Matrix' masterminds team up for Netflix sci-fi series 'Sense8'

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Hello, Neo. Are you prepared to unplug from the Matrix and plug into a new TV show from the Wachowskis?

It’s almost time to follow the white rabbit. The Wachowski siblings — creators of “The Matrix” and "Cloud Atlas" — are teaming up with "Babylon 5" creator J. Michael Straczynski to create a new 10-episode sci-fi series for Netflix called “Sense8.”

The show is set to come to a screen near you in late 2014, according to the Associated Press. It’s Andy and Lana (formerly Larry) Wachowski’s first TV effort, and it remains to be seen whether the series hits the highs of “The Matrix” or the lows of “The Matrix Revolutions.”

Netflix says the show is “a gripping global tale of minds linked and souls hunted.” So, “Cloud Atlas 2” then?

Straczynski will work as the series' show-runner. In addition to creating the cult sci-fi favorite “Babylon 5,” he worked on movies such as “Thor” and “Changeling” and has written numerous comic books.

Netflix is leaving the real world political thriller of “House of Cards” and exploring the sci-fi realm — it looks like Netflix decided to take the red pill.

Netflix also has horror series “Hemlock Grove” this spring, as well as the new season of the show everyone that was lost, “Arrested Development.” Remember: There’s always money in old stand-bys.

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