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VIDEO: 'Coachella is Awesome!' takes shots at how horrible we all know summer music festivals are

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You’re going to Coachella, aren’t you? Well AREN’T you?!

If you’re sick of that attitude, or sick of all the headaches associated with summer music festivals in general, you might agree with the sentiment of the new fake Coachella commercial “Coachella is Awesome!” from Los Angeles sketch comedy group Dumbs--- Mountain.

The group also recently had a video on Tosh.0 and had their G.I. Joe Cobra Kickstarter covered by everyone from Newsweek to Yahoo.

Is Coachella worth braving the heat? You can check out the actual, somewhat maligned lineup here. The video does mention one band who will actually be at this year’s festival — the reunited Postal Service.

As the sketch comedy group describes Coachella, “It’s so good, you’ll forget all the bad things!” A fine summary of the summer concert experience.

(Warning: As alluded to above, the name of the group contains a word some may find offensive.)

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