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VIDEO: ESPN pulls X Games from Los Angeles — watch 9 spectacular LA X Games moments

X Games 17 - Day 3

Harry How/Getty Images

Shaun White skates on his way to a gold medal in the Skateboard Vert Final during day 3 of X Games 17 at the Nokia Theatre at LA Live on July 30, 2011 in Los Angeles.

ESPN announced Tuesday that the X Games won’t return to Los Angeles in 2014.

The summer X Games were first held in California in 1997, hitting San Diego and San Francisco for two years each, then heading to Philadelphia, before settling in L.A. for 2003’s X Games Nine. They’ve been held here every year since.

L.A. was taken out of the running during the contract process due to their usual L.A. host company AEG being up for sale, leading to no new contract for the X Games. Pasadena and Long Beach had bids in to host the games, but were cut before the final round.

ESPN is eyeing three-year contracts with several cities, including Chicago, Detroit, Austin and Charlotte. ESPN made note of Detroit’s social media campaign to win the X Games in their release, saying the city was the “most vociferous in its desire to host the games, at least on social media.” They also pointed out Charlotte’s public campaign to host the games.

Here are nine spectacular moments from Los Angeles X Games:

1. Jackson Strong wins the Moto X Best Trick gold in 2012 for an amazing trick that you’ll want to see:

2. Strong’s 2011 trick which also blew minds:

3. Cam Sinclair comes back from trying a trick that left him in a coma to land his move and win a gold medal:

4. In 2010, Travis Pastrana already won gold but followed it with another double backflip:

5. This took place at the X Games in 2012 — it’s not a sanctioned X Games sport, but seeing Hot Wheels come to life full size is still pretty amazing:

6. Nyjah Huston wins the gold in the men’s skateboard street final, 2011:

7. A 2011 skateboard vert battle for the gold medal:

8. Ronnie Renner wins the gold medal in Moto X Step Up, setting a height record 10 feet higher than the previous year:

9. It’s not all roses — Travis Pastrana crashed while attempting a 720 flip in 2011:

Are there other L.A. X Games moments that left an impression on you? Let us know about them in the comments.

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