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Netflix takes the 'Arrested Development' banana stand on a world tour to hype series (photos, video)

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Netflix has slowly tried to reposition itself as an online HBO instead of an online Blockbuster Video, and the next puzzle piece in that is every TV nerd’s favorite thing, “Arrested Development” — 15 brand spanking new episodes, coming May 26.

They’re taking the hype for the new episodes of the much-loved, not-watched-enough show on the road, starting Wednesday. The Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand Worldwide Tour kicks off in London (pay no attention to the fact the banana stand burned down — this must be the reopened one), and is appearing in several London locations on May 8, 9, 15 and 21 before eventually coming Stateside — including to Los Angeles. You can follow where the banana stand is appearing on the @ArrestedDev Twitter account.

Netflix also notes that surprise “Bluth family and friends” will appear at the banana stand. I’m rooting for appearances by Ann, so that we can all take photos with her and act surprised that there’s someone else in the photo.

It's a homecoming of sorts — the banana stand scenes take place on Balboa Island in Newport Beach, and they were filmed at Fisherman's Village in Marina del Rey.

The various frozen bananas available at the stand are all available for less than 2 bucks, with an original frozen banana only costing you a dollar. The authenticity may be slightly hurt by the barrel with a big “Netflix” logo out front, but everything else delivers on the “Arrested Development” vibe.

The return of “Arrested Development” has been a hot topic for years, with whispers of a movie leading to hushed talks of a few new episodes before ending with out-and-out conversation about a full brand spanking new season. It’s nice to know that, along with all the blog posts and magazine covers, there’s still a real life element to promoting the thing that’s designed to get any Netflix holdouts to fork over their money.

The banana stand’s been a part of the promotion everywhere, from the afterparty following the L.A. premiere of the new season last month at the Roosevelt Hotel, all the way back to when they were first promoting the show a decade ago (you can see photos of that in the slideshow above).

And because I haven’t said it yet — yes, I know that there’s always money in the banana stand.

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