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VIDEO: That time new Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti jammed with Moby

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Los Angeles Mayor race 2013

Eric Garcetti, elected to be the next mayor of Los Angeles on Tuesday night, has an eclectic background. He’s served as city councilman, worked as a college professor — and is an accomplished jazz pianist. He's even composed musicals.

Garcetti’s dad, Gil Garcetti, talked about his son’s musical accomplishments at Tuesday night’s victory party.

“When he was eight years old, he won the grand prize for music composition, and I thought that’s where he was going to go.”

Eric Garcetti still plays music. At a February fundraiser, Garcetti raised $250,000 — and took to the piano to back up Moby, as well as taking some time to solo. He came back later and even played on the congas, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Watch Garcetti and Moby playing “This Is Goodbye”:

Back in the day, Garcetti composed musicals with Brian Yorkey, who went on to write the lyrics and book for the Tony-winning “Next To Normal.”

That deep music love was shown with his picks as part of fellow L.A. NPR station KCRW’s Guest DJ Project, with a mix ranging from jazz great Charles Mingus to chicano rockers Los Lobos.

Garcetti shows up about five minutes into this video to jam with local funk group Elson and the Soul Barkada on an original — “Are You Ready (For Garcetti?)”

Oh, and you also probably don’t want to miss him breaking out some dance moves, including talking about how he’d totally do some ground work if he wasn’t in a suit and had some cardboard laid down:

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