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Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton rejects teen's prom request, so he takes model Nina Agdal instead

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Los Angeles high schooler Jake Davidson made headlines with a clever YouTube video asking Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton to prom. Upton may have passed, but Davison ended up being rewarded with a different Sports Illustrated swimsuit model on his arm — Nina Agdal.

After the initial video started picking up steam, the 20-year-old Sports Illustrated cover model Upton responded, saying that she would check her schedule.

She even surprised him on the phone in a “Today” show appearance.

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Well, she checked her schedule, and the result was “no room for prom with a goofy 17-year-old high schooler,” thanks to shooting a movie. Jake was not one to be deterred, though, revealing his brand new prom date Thursday via, of course, another YouTube video — Miss Nina Agdal, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit “Rookie of the Year.”

Davidson showed his boyhood enthusiasm for Danish model Agdal on “Inside Edition,” who followed Davidson and Agdal to fittings for their prom outfits. Agdal noted in the interview that, while a 21-year-old supermodel, she’d never actually been to prom before.

True to her word, Agdal showed up to take the young (somewhat shorter) man to prom. It was at the Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica, according to Us Magazine.

In an interview about the experience with Sports Illustrated, Davidson was all thumbs up on the experience, saying that Agdal was friendly, got along with his family and taught him a little Danish.

Davidson and Agdal even engaged in a little post-prom Twitter flirtation:

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