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POLL: Does this JC Penney billboard in Culver City look like Hitler?


A Culver City billboard from J.C. Penney that some are saying resembles Hitler, especially when blurred as in the image on the right.

Click here to check out the update, including the billboard being taken down.

Previously: Several customers have taken to the Web to complain about a J.C. Penney billboard that’s next to the 405 Freeway in Culver City. The problem: It kind of looks like Hitler.

The billboard promotes a kettle with features that, if you’re either not paying attention or paying way too much attention, resembles Adolf Hitler’s uniform, haircut, trademark mustache, and even has a spout that could resemble a Nazi salute.

A thread on Reddit’s Los Angeles subreddit noted the similarity, particularly when blurred. Someone actually posted about it last week, but could only describe what they thought they saw without realizing it was this J.C. Penney billboard.

The kettle being advertised is the Michael Graves Design Bells and Whistles Stainless Steel Tea Kettle.

This also happens to come just a month after the company's CEO stepped down.

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