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VIDEO: How to dress like a Los Angeles stereotype

LA Made Me This Way! | WHAT THE F*SHION? Episode 1
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Comedian Casey Jane Ellison recently released a fashion parody on YouTube called “WHAT THE F*SHION?” In her first episode, she set her sights on something near and dear to our hearts: Los Angeles.

The setup: Ellison, a New Yorker new to Los Angeles, is seen as being a real downer by her new L.A. community, so she decides the solution is to embrace L.A. fashion. She proceeds to move through L.A. fashion stereotypes, including the looks of several celebrities.

Styles embraced by Miss Ellison include eco-friendly, off the shoulder, model Alexa Chung, Khloe Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, a white/Armenian Rihanna and a certain former “Friends” star. She’ll also bring you up to date on all the latest slang that she completely made up, like “outfie.” (That means “outfit,” cool kids.)

Go watch the video above and enjoy L.A. fashion comedy, and check out the second episode of the series looking at edgy outfits below:

(Hat tip: Gawker)

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