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Latin America gets its own 'Breaking Bad,' starring Walter Blanco and Jose

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Goodbye Walter White and Jesse. Hola Walter Blanco and Jose.

While we're still mourning the series finale of AMC's "Breaking Bad" from this past Sunday, there's a little comfort in knowing a spinoff of the Emmy-winning drama is on its way to Spanish-language television. Telenovela style.

"Metastasis" is Latin America's story of a struggling high school teacher who is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer and turns into a major meth kingpin. Sound familiar?

Here's a trailer (in English) for the show:

The show will even have roles whose names parallel the English version: Walt is Walter Blanco, Jesse is Jose, Skyler is Cielo and Hank is now Henry Navarro.

The show is just slightly twisted from the American version. "Metastasis" reportedly takes place in Colombia, and Walter and Jose will be using a school bus as a cooking lab instead of a recreational vehicle. Apparently they don't drive RVs in Colombia. See? Totally different!

"Metastasis" is set to broadcast on Univision's UniMas Network. No date has been set for when it will begin airing.

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