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Dodgers series: 4 ways to follow the game while you're at work

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Do you want to track the Dodgers in the National League Championship Series, but do it undercover? Maybe you want to keep an eye on the boys in blue but have an office job that gives you checks in black and white, and you want to keep your bleeding red for your favorite team from sending your bank account into the red as well. Or maybe you just aren’t going to have access to a TV during the game. Here are four ways to check the Dodgers playoffs games out.

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1. Track what’s happening with MLB.tv’s free Gameday service

Want to see what’s going on as if the Dodgers game was a video game? You have to pay if you want to watch video (with alternate angles!) or listen to audio on MLB.tv, and postseason video is blacked out anyway, but you can watch virtual avatars simulating the game live with Major League Baseball’s Gameday for free, lines tracking the arc of the pitch and more. There’s even a “Gameday Mini” mode you can click on that pops the game out into a separate smaller window, for ease of use while you work on something else — or at least while you pretend to.

2. Follow what’s going on on Twitter

Perhaps the safest option for those who want to keep an eye on things but don’t necessarily want to be caught staring at a streaming video feed, you can follow what’s going on with Twitter. The Dodgers themselves tweet highlights and results at @Dodgers, plus you can do a search for “Dodgers” or track what’s happening on various popular hashtags, including #Dodgers, #NLCS, #postseason#ThinkBlue and #ITFDB (It’s Time For Dodgers Baseball). We've combined those all into one search widget you can check out here.

3. Listen to the radio, over the air or online

You’re going to have to listen over the air if you want the local Dodgers broadcast from AM 570, featuring several innings called by the legendary Vin Scully, as the station’s contract with Major League Baseball doesn’t let them stream Dodgers games online. You could also listen over the air to ESPN L.A. 710 AM for the national broadcast (also blacked out online), or pay to listen to audio from MLB.tv. However, you can also listen to the game streaming for free from ESPN Radio’s national feed; check it out on TuneIn Radio, which you can also get as an app on your mobile phone. The Dodgers broadcasts are also available in Spanish on 1020 AM.

4. Stream TBS on your computer, phone or tablet

You might not be able to watch an actual physical television at the office, but TBS is making things easy for you to watch the game online. Due to various cable company deals and other red tape, you have to already be a cable subscriber, but most major cable company subscribers can log in and stream the Dodgers online, or using TBS’s mobile apps available on iOS for your iPhone or iPad, and even on Android.

How are you tracking the Dodgers games at the office? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting us at @KPCC. Or comment on our Facebook page (embedded below).

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