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RIP Colonel Meow: 'Minions' mourn death of Internet-famous sourpuss

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Get your tissues ready, celebrity cat lovers.

Beloved Internet-famous sourpuss, Colonel Meow, has died. His keeper, Anne Marie Avey, announced his passing Thursday via his Facebook page



Believe it or not, before he became a famous cat, Colonel Meow was homeless in Seattle. Luckily, he was rescued by the Seattle Himalayan and Persian Society, who put him up for adoption in 2011. 

That's when Avey, strolling through her local Petco, happened to catch a gray fur ball in the adoptable cats section. She was drawn to Colonel Meow (before he was named Colonel Meow), and after watching him claw and meow at her through the glass, she decided she had to have him. Avey and the Colonel later moved to Los Angeles.

"I adopted him as an impulse purchase," said Avey on Take Two in May 2013. "I saw him and immediately wanted to pick him up and squeeze him."

Listen to the full interview here:

Interview with Colonel Meow's owner

Avey created a Facebook page for the cat in August 2012 as a joke; she never expected that her new feline companion would become such a sensation. 

She told Take Two

"I'm a writer, and I always just thought it'd be really fun to create this little voice where 'if pets could talk, what would they really say? His pictures give off such a mean look. I'll wake up in the morning, stretch and look around, and Colonel's staring at me crazily and I'm scared. I'm like 'Don't look at me like that!' And he doesn't mean anything by it, but it's terrifying when you first wake up in the morning and he's staring down at you. And I just thought he should be a drinker and someone who swears. He's the Don Draper of the cat world."

Known for his smug, angry expression and his penchant for scotch, Colonel Meow's online persona referred to his fans as "minions." As of Thursday, he had 344,496 so-called "minions" at his disposal on Facebook. 

In August, 2013, Col. Meow became official in the Guinness Book of World Records for cat with the longest fur

We'll miss you, Colonel! 

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Colonel Meow's fans issue their condolences:









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