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SXSW 2014: Not everything's bigger in Texas

Breakfast tacos from Joe's Bakery in Austin.
Breakfast tacos from Joe's Bakery in Austin.
Jacob Margolis

Did you know that KPCC's Austin bureau can fit into one bike bag and one backpack?

It's true. I arrived in Austin this weekend with just that — plus my bicycle — to cover South by Southwest for Take Two

On Sunday, I headed over to the interactive show floor to check out the best new digital creations. What I discovered was a whole lot of gimmicks. 

Take this life size "Operation" board, for example.A life size "Operation" board.

And then there were the folks who lined up to play the "Price is Right."

Fun and games at SXSW

I did, however, discover some pretty awesome wearable tech in a conference room at the Hilton. Interested in an Iron Man-like motorcycle helmet? Listen in to my Take Two segment for more. 

Completely wrecked by jet lag and daylight saving, I made my way to Joe's Bakery with Armando Rayo Monday morning for the pride of Austin breakfast cuisine. Not everything is bigger in Texas. Case in point: instead of eating giant breakfast burritos like we do here in California, Austinites prefer small breakfast tacos.

Full of bacon, cheese, eggs, Mexican chorizo, salsa verde, jalapenos, beans and tons of other homemade goodness — this is what Texans love. When I brought up the idea of breakfast burritos to an owner at Joe's, she scoffed and said that people from California always ask for them. She didn't understand why.

I'll refrain from debating the merits of the breakfast burrito vs the breakfast taco here — because I'll be doing exactly that on Take Two Tuesday. 

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