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'Veronica Mars' and 'This American Life' take over KPCC's studios

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The "Veronica Mars" movie opened in limited release Friday, and it features a very special guest star: The KPCC studios, doubling for the "This American Life" home base. Host Ira Glass wrote about the experience Friday and posted screenshots showing where to find members of the TAL staff, as well as photos shot by actor Chris Lowell, who plays Piz. You can see some of both above.

Glass nicely summarizes what exactly the "Veronica Mars" TV show was for those who missed out on it during its run on UPN and the CW: "it was a film noir, set in high school, then in college. Like Buffy and The OC, it was funny and great and rose above its own teen genre."

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Minor spoiler alert: Veronica's boyfriend Piz worked at the college radio station in the third season of the show, so when jumping into the future, he's hard at work in the world of "This American Life."

Glass also shares a story of how working with Kristen Bell (aka Veronica) and Chris Lowell changed the way he does his own show:

Here's what I learned about filming a scene with Kristen Bell and Chris Lowell (who plays Piz). At the end of nearly every take, one of them or both would do a little fist-pump thing and go "Nailed it!" which was a joke but I have to say was completely contagious. Now in the studio sometimes when I'm doing the radio show, when I finish an intro, the mic goes off and that's what I say.

"Veronica Mars" opened Friday night at number 9 at the box office, though it was number 2 as far as money made per screen given its limited release, according to Box Office Mojo.

Also, when Kristen Bell came back to KPCC for an interview with "Off-Ramp" and host John Rabe, John saw an opportunity and shot this parody video in that same hallway:

Off-Ramp Veronica Mars parody video

Read more on the This American Life blog. (Warning: The full blog post also spoils a major celebrity cameo from the film.)

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