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Emmys 2014: Everything you need for your viewing party — ballots, bingo, drinking games

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The 66th annual Emmy Awards is trading its traditional Sunday night timeslot for Monday, Aug. 25 at 5 p.m. PT on NBC, with hosting duties going to "Saturday Night Live" alum and late-night host, Seth Meyers. Be your own host on television’s biggest night with this party planning primer. From ballots to bingo to drinking games, here’s everything you need (and need to know) to throw your own award-worthy event.

Step one: anticipation

Award shows and video gags go together like salsa and seltzer, which means there's plenty of material to help build your attendees' anticipation. Start by sharing this wink/nudge promo featuring Julia Louis-Dreyfus trying to pawn her Emmy to Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. 

Emmys promo video

Then, test your prescience with an Emmy ballot

Filling out an Emmy ballot presents a low-key opportunity to exhibit both your pop culture awareness and your academic superiority. Methodically choose your picks and let that competitive spirit shine in Prime Time.  

Emmy Ballot Option 1:

Leave a paper trail. Click here for a printable PDF.

Emmys scorecard

Emmy Ballot Option 2:

Take the digital, tree-saving route. Fill out the L.A. Times' interactive ballot online.

Next, go grid or go home with a game of Emmy bingo

Casual fun is casual fun, but winning at bingo is WINNING AT BINGO. Use the inexplicable excitement of gridded paper to encourage guests to pay close attention. Side conversations are sure to simmer down when groups are placed in competition and given giant markers.

Emmy Bingo Option 1:

Download 15 different potential bingo cards from Punchbowl.com so that everyone at your party gets something original.

Emmy Bingo Option 2:

Team up to see who can spot the items on this card via ButYoureLikeReallyPretty.com and Yahoo.

Emmy Bingo Option 3:

Combine the last card and the Punchbowl cards for more adventures in Emmy tomfoolery.


Finally, pour forth the Emmy drinking games

Emmy Drinking Game Option 1:

Take a sip of your drink of choice (we're diet soda people) whenever anyone on the show:

  • Mentions a controversial political issue
  • Responds to something said by another presenter
  • Puts glasses on to read the teleprompter
  • Thanks their agent
  • Claims they don't know what to say
  • Mentions a religious icon
  • Exits the stage the wrong way
  • Trips on the steps or the stage (Jennifer Lawrence-style)

And no bathroom breaks except during commercials. The last person who hasn't thoroughly embarrassed themselves wins.

Emmy Drinking Game Option 2:

Last year's Golden Globes hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey devised their own rules for an awards show drinking game in this interview they gave at the time to the Hollywood Reporter. Read the details below:

THR: OK, so can you come up with a couple of rules for a Globes drinking game?

Fey: Any time an actress cries in a speech, drink. Any time you see a person actively not listening to someone onstage, drink.

Poehler: Any time someone says, “I didn’t prepare anything!”

Fey: Any time anyone thanks Harvey Weinstein, eat a meatball sub.

THR: How about any time they show Judi Dench?

Fey: Yeah. You take off an article of clothing.

Poehler: Any time Maggie Smith wins.

Emmy Nominations

Read the full list of Emmys nominations:

Full list of Emmy Awards nominations

Creative Arts Emmy Winners

The less flashy "Creative Arts Emmys" were already given out; read all the winners:

Creative Arts Emmys winners

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