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An interview with 'Pan Am' star Karine Vanasse

Karine Vanasse plays Colette Valois on ABC's "Pan Am"

Courtesy of ABC

Karine Vanasse plays Colette Valois on ABC's "Pan Am"

Tonight ABC airs the season finale of "Pan Am" but it very well may be the series final because, as of this writing, ABC has not revealed any plans to continue making the show. While not a runaway hit in terms of ratings, the show does have a strong fan base and it has garnered critical support for its art direction and soundtrack, as well as individual performers of the ensemble, including Karine Vanasse, who plays Colette Valois, the French member of the stewardess team who lost her parents in World War II. You can catch up with the series at ABC's website. A few weeks ago we had the chance to speak with Vanasse about her work on the show.

KPCC: "Pan Am" is a gorgeous show to look at, how does this environment, from the set to the uniforms, to the music, prepare you as Colette?

Karine Vanasse: I think at first I really wanted to make sure that I was grasping the 60s, I did a lot of research. I was worried about moving the right way, not just speaking, but if I was walking properly and moving my body correctly for those times. They do such a great job on the wardrobe and set design, we're really immersed in the 60s. When you put on those dresses and shoes, just with the clothes, you put them on and that's it, you're not in 2011/2012 anymore. We were shooting an episode and I had to wear gloves and for some reason, in all the scenes I shot I was always wearing gloves and it was so different, I know it's a little detail, but I realized I was moving my hands completely differently, and then I had a scene without gloves and I just felt naked. Those little details and where it brings you completely somewhere else which is really interesting.