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Nike unveiling future shoes from 'Back to the Future 2'

Tonight in Hollywood, Nike is making a big announcement. There's been a bit of secrecy around it, but the word is that it's the unveiling of... future shoes.

The shoe from "Back to the Future 2," the Nike Air Mag, is becoming a reality. Early indications are that, unlike the shoes from the film, these will not self-lace. Nike is already known to have patented self-lacing shoes last year, though, so they could be on the way to your hands. And my hands. My hands really want these.

But wait — are these going to be available to the public at large? Michael J. Fox is scheduled to appear on David Letterman tonight, and Nike's CEO has announced that 1,500 pairs will be auctioned off on eBay with proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. That's great for the foundation, but that could also point to these being an extremely limited special edition not meant for the public at large. Perhaps these are just prototypes without self-lacing, and that will actually get here by 2015? We'll have at least some answers soon enough.