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Comic-Con: 'Batman' writer Scott Snyder on why comics still matter and why NPR listeners should care

The Dark Knight Rises

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Does Batman still have relevance in the comics, and not just movies like 'The Dark Knight Rises'?

San Diego Comic-Con, the biggest pop culture convention there is, has arrived once again. It runs Wednesday, July 11 through Sunday, July 15. There's movies, TV, video games and more taking over the headlines, but comic books still hold a place in the hearts of fans — and in the name of the convention. I had a chance to talk with "Batman" writer Scott Snyder recently at another convention about his work and why comics still matter.

Snyder started out in prose before getting recruited to do comic books. Why should non-comics readers give them a chance? "I know there's a perception of comics that they're bombastic and fun, and there are those comics, but for a lot of us, comics are also a place where I bring everything I ever brought to anything literary to these comics," Snyder told me. "The only reason I'm happy doing comics and I don't miss literary fiction is because every kind of dark and fascinating, exciting thing that I was able to explore in that medium, I'm exploring here. And the guys that I love, like Jeff Lemire, and Pete Tomasi, Brian Azzarello, they are the same way. They put their heart and soul on the page, and the quality of those books would rival, I believe, any great literary story as well."