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Rain dance: Meet the Coachella swim team hopefuls

coachella friday 2012 rain clouds

Photo by @katablz via Twitter


Coachella 2012 welcomed tens of thousands of underdressed and ill-prepared music enthusiasts to its swim team tryouts on Friday. Hopefuls will contend with wind, rain, mud, cold and the dream of the 90s, which is still alive, in Indio, as evidenced by James playing "Laid" over the live stream



Chuck D has a message for Obama's car, Snoop's heart and LA's Skid Row

public enemy chuck d skid row

Photo via Public Enemy | Used with permission

Chuck D and Public Enemy occupied their Sunday with a free festival on, for, and about LA's skid row.

Organized by local non-profit Los Angeles Community Action Network, LA CAN, and hosted by Public Enemy, "Operation Skid Row" drew a crowd of hundreds to the questionably-permitted free-for-all on a stretch of Gladys Avenue downtown, and featured five hours of consciousness-raising rap and messages of social responsibility. 

KPCC spoke with Chuck D about Public Enemy's involvement with "Operation Skid Row" and the Occupy movement.

"The biggest stories not being told are the realities of housing and homelessness in America. We already know the Occupy movement has shone light to the hypocrisies in America taking care of its people," said the group's frontman.

Likening the U.S. government to a car leaking oil, he asserts, "I always thought Obama was a good driver, but he's in a terrible car in need of an overhaul."