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Coverage of the 2012 Comedy Awards

Colin Quinn, Chevy Chase, and Norm Macdonald team up for a "Weekend Update" segment of the 2012 Comedy Awards which premieres this Sunday, May 6, at 9pm on Comedy Central

The second annual Comedy Awards taped on Saturday, April 28th, at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. This Sunday at 9pm, the program premieres on Comedy Central and there are already complaints from the "comedy community": Why are there so many comedic actors and hardly any "true" comedians? How come certain notable names are missing from the nominations, particularly black performers? Why no homage to Patrice O'Neal? etc.

First of all, I would say that we should be elated that comedy is getting this kind of official recognition (finally) and any problems with categories and nomination processes will be worked out in upcoming awards shows. Spirits were high and everybody seemed to be having a great time at this event and even if there weren't as many club comedians on stage as I would have liked to have seen, there were a huge number of them invited as guests in the crowd so their influence was felt and will definitely have an impact as this celebration matures.


An interview with comedian Jo Koy, Comedy Central premieres "Jo Koy: Lights Out" on Sunday

Jo Koy: Lights Out

Comedy Central

Comedy Central premieres "Jo Koy: Lights Out" on Sunday, April 1, at 10pm. [Photo courtesy of Comedy Central]

Comedian Jo Koy, a regular round table panelist who has been on E!'s "Chelsea Lately" literally several dozen times, has a new hour-long special premiering this Sunday night. We had the chance to talk to the busy comedian, who has a full schedule of theatre gigs on his plate, in addition to promoting his special, about what aspects of his life made it into his new act and what's been important to him as he came up. Find out more about Jo Koy and his schedule of shows at his website. Jo Koy next makes it back to the LA area in June for a string of shows at the Brea Improv. Preview a clip of "Lights Out" here.

This Sunday Comedy Central premieres "Jo Koy: Lights Out," you've worked with them before on other occassions, other specials, right?

Jo Koy: It's my second one! My second hour special. My first one was "Don't Make 'Em Angry" and this one I'm most excited about. This one was shot in my hometown, Los Angeles, and in this time I talk a lot more about my son, and a lot more stories about my Mom, the two things I really like to talk about. I really enjoyed it. I also got to introduce my grandmother into the act, another character involved in my special.


New sketch comedy show 'Key & Peele' taping this week in LA

Key & Peele

Comedy Central's launching a new sketch show later this month called "Key & Peele," and they're taping in-studio segments today through Friday here in Los Angeles at the Nate Holden Theater.

The stars, Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key, were both cast members on Mad TV. Peele also did a series of popular videos impersonating President Barack Obama.

In an interesting sign of where race is at today, after some of the usual boring meaninglessness of press materials, the official hype ends by noting that both men are biracial and saying that the show will reflect that point of view.

One of the show's executive producers is Ian Roberts, perhaps best known for his work with the Upright Citizens Brigade.

You can still get tickets to the "Key & Peele" tapings by going here; they're taping two episodes a day through Friday.