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Foie gone: Less than a month left to enjoy your favorite duck liver delicacy

Photo by ulterior epicure via Flickr Creative Commons

A fancy plate of foie gras

There’s only 28 days left.

Barring a last-minute reprieve, May 31 will be the last day that California gourmands can sit down to a plate of foie gras served at their local restaurant. The controversial delicacy has been in the sights of animal rights activists for years, and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a ban into law in 2004.

(Dozens of top chefs across the state are still calling for the ban to be lifted -- check out this AirTalk show for more on the debate.)

As the July 1 ban looms, many foodies are seeking out the fatty dish for one last hurrah. So where do Angelenos like to go for their foie gras?

When it comes to restaurants, the dish is easy to find. Yelp lists 118 in Los Angeles proper that offer it -- though this is an incomplete list, and a few restaurant managers told KPCC they stopped serving it already.