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Interview: Reggie Watts - new CD/DVD, new TV show, and a show at the Fonda Theatre


The cover of Reggie Watts' new CD/DVD "A Live In Central Park"

Reggie Watts is on a roll right now and he's coming to town tonight to perform his incredibly original melange of comedy and music at the Fonda Theare. Within a period of 4 weeks Reggie Watts will have had his "A Live At Central Park" Comedy Central special premiere coinciding with dual CD and DVD release of the uncensored material, he will have embarked on a tour to support this release (bringing him to LA and all across the country), and the IFC premiere on Friday, June 8, at 10pm, of "Comedy Bang! Bang!", a parody of a late night comedy talk show where Watts has been billed as a musical cohort who does much more than just provide banter and a catchy tune.

If you watched the Comedy Central premiere of the special, Watts' 13-track CD is gloriously uncensored, preserving the rhythm and energy of the original live performance. Although these bits and songs are "funny," the layers of material often contain references, if you listen carefully, to universal themes of providing love to others and a need to stop violence. Damn you Watts for luring us in with laughter! But for some people these references are so subtle they very well could miss them in the first few listens because amusement is the primary purpose. Favorite tracks, and these were difficult to pick, include "Having Sex," "Tweet Yourself Right," and "Reggiohead."

Tonight's show at the Ford Theatre will be an ideal venue to take in the Reggie Watts experience. If you go, prepare to laugh and dance.