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Mike Birbiglia and Terry Gross hang out in new YouTube short

Sleepwalk With Me YouTube account

Mike Birbiglia and Terry Gross in a new short film from Birbiglia.

Comedian/author/"This American Life" personality Mike Birbiglia debuted a new short film last night as part of This American Life's "The Invisible Made Visible" live show. I caught the showing at the AMC Burbank 16, and Birbiglia's video got huge laughs from the live crowd.

The show as a whole was very public radio-friendly, but nothing moreso than this short, which costars the one and only Terry Gross of "Fresh Air." Is Terry Gross always so... Terry Gross-y? Birbiglia delivers you the (not-really-the) answer.

"Fresh Air 2" is another film collaboration between Birbiglia and This American Life's Ira Glass, following the feature film "Sleepwalk With Me" based on a story Birbiglia told on the show, as well as turning it into a stage show and a book. The film's been on the festival circuit and hits theaters everywhere August 24. (That's my birthday, so it's clearly a present for me!) It was written, directed by and stars Birbiglia, and both that and the short film were produced by Glass.