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Interview: Lewis Black, new special, "In God We Rust," premieres midnight tonight on Comedy Central

Lewis Black's "In God We Rust"

Stark Raving Black Productions

Lewis Black's "In God We Rust" premieres tonight at midnight on Comedy Central

Tonight Comedy Central will air comedian and social critic Lewis Black's special, In God We Rust, at midnight. In God We Rust, once released as media, will be Black's tenth CD since 2000, an impressive body of material by a comedian who has clearly defined his style, effectively cornering the market on apoplectic rage for over a decade.

Here we are in the midst of another election cycle, the perfect time for another politically-tinged special from Lewis Black, who has consistently been providing commentary on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart." He's also been performing plenty of contemporary material, as noted at Comedy Central's "Indecision In The Park" show in Central Park a couple months ago, along with John Oliver, Kristen Schaal, Wyatt Cenac, Al Madrigal, and John Hodgman. Because we se him so regularly on TV, it was a bit of a surprise to learn that In God We Rust was recorded almost a year and a half ago in Minneapolis.


10 best quotes from 'S--- White Girls Say... to Black Girls' video


"S--- White Girls Say... to Black Girls" video plays off the "S--- Girls Say" viral video.

Following the success of the Twitter account/viral video sensation "S--- Girls Say," and imitators like "S--- Black Girls Say," "S--- Gay Guys Say," and other "S--- [group] Say" videos that include some sort of broad generalization that people hopefully find humor and truth in comes "S--- White Girls say... to Black Girls."

Some highlights:

  • "Not to sound racist, but..."
  • "Is it like, bad to do blackface? Is that still like a thing?"
  • "You can say the N word, but I can't? How is that OK?"
  • "My best friend was black."
  • [Showing her tan] "Oh my God, I'm practically black! Twinsies!"
  • "This is so ghetto."
  • "Girlfriend!"
  • "Holler!"
  • "Sorry, can we turn it down? I don't really like rap."
  • [Singing "Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj]

Funny? Offensive? Probably both. (As opposed to the original, which just seemed potentially vaguely sexist.) What do you think?