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Justin Bieber pranks fans, Catwoman pepper sprays Ozzy and the Voice vs. American Idol

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  • An Ozzy Osbourne impersonator ended up with a face full of pepper spray after harassing the Catwoman on Hollywood Boulevard. So, remember kids, only accept the original in your Ozzy Osbourne needs. (Hat tip: Comics Alliance)

  • An excerpt of this was featured in a Super Bowl ad, but you can see OK Go's music video shot in the desert outside L.A. where they used a car to help play instruments and make this video. (You may know OK Go from all their other awesome viral videos.) (Hat tip: Geeks Are Sexy)

  • In other Super Bowl ad news, you can compare and contrast the Matthew Broderick pseudo-Ferris Bueller sequel with the original film. (Hat tip: The Daily What)

  • Pop Matters reviews They Might Be Giants' recent L.A. show. I saw them a couple years ago and had a blast, but sadly didn't get to check them out this go-round. Here's a classic TMBG TV performance from David Letterman:

  • The Atlantic Wire on why "The Voice" isn't as fun as "American Idol." They argue that Idol's nationwide search gives it a more organic feel, while a bunch of singers showing up and instantly performing for L.A. crowds on "The Voice" falls a little flat. (As a devotee of both shows, I claim no allegiances.)

  • A fun look back at the straight to cable movie "Mean Guns," shot at downtown's Los Angeles County Prison. Here's a clip:

  • What's your favorite part of L.A.? The city wants you to talk about it on their impressive new MyHistoricLA site, which uses a variety of digital tools to make talking about the city fun. (Hat tip: L.A. Observed)

  • Not certain what to say about this one. Justin Bieber pranks young women on behalf of... Proactiv? OK, sure. (Hat tip: Justin Bieber's Facebook page. Yes I like Justin Bieber on Facebook.)


Obama's latest accomplishment: Getting a girl a meeting with Justin Bieber

New York magazine's Daily Intel ran a story last week about how President Obama had just made a promise that he couldn't keep: getting a 14-year-old girl whose father was killed in the attack on the World Trade Center the chance to meet pop megastar Justin Bieber. The girl, Payton Wall, says that Bieber's music helped her survive, despite her loss.

Obama made that promise during last week's ceremony at ground zero, meeting with Payton, her sister Avery and their mother Diane. Obama told Payton that he "knows Justin" and would set a meeting up with Bieber.

Well, Justin Bieber just proved New York magazine wrong – he tweeted that Obama would be keeping this promise.

What I find most notable about this story: it's apparently easier to get a meeting with the president of the United States than with Justin Bieber.