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Kristen Stewart art show curator responds to criticism, celebrates 'Twilight' star KStew in LA exhibition

Julia Vickerman

Kristen Stewart art from Muchos KStew

Julia Vickerman

Part of a Kristen Stewart piece by artist Julia Vickerman

Erin Pearce

Beetles as Kristen Stewart by artist Erin Pearce

Julia Vickerman

Kristen Stewart art from Muchos KStew

J.R. Goldberg

Kristen Stewart art from Muchos KStew

Kevin Wada

Kristen Stewart by artist Kevin Wada

Meltdown Gallery

Poster for the Muchos KStew art show with art depicting Kristen Stewart from the "Twilight" series

I spoke with artist Julia Vickerman as she worked on hanging the latest exhibition she's curating, a tribute to "Twilght" star Kristen Stewart, "Muchos KStew."

Fans in the comments section on a recent KPCC piece on the exhibit (132 comments and 158 tweets later as of press time) were upset about the piece for mentioning some critiques of Stewart, as well as at the exhibit itself for what they felt was a mean-spiritedness, but Vickerman says it's all being done in love, as she's a genuine fan.

"I would like to say that I've been a fan of her since the beginning," Vickerman said, "but it started out, me and my friends went to see 'Twilight' to make fun of it, and then I ended up really thoroughly enjoying it."

The highlight for Vickerman was Kristen Stewart. "I thought she had a really unique and kind of awkward and uncomfortable presence, and I just really liked her mouth and her eyebrows, and I just couldn't stop thinking about her face after I saw that movie. It just kind of led to me drawing a bunch of weird fan art, which then took a weird turn to drawing different aspects of persona."


Have hipsters gone too far? The Kristen Stewart art show at LA's Meltdown Comics

Premiere of Samuel Goldwyn Films' "The Yellow Handkerchief" - Arrivals

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

File:Actress Kristen Stewart attends the premiere of Samuel Goldwyn Films' "The Yellow Handkerchief" at the Pacific Design Center on February 18, 2010 in West Hollywood.

A show with art centered around Kristen Stewart is opening this Saturday. Yes, really. That Kristen Stewart. The one from the "Twilight" movies, notorious for showing about 1.5 emotions throughout the series.

It's poking fun at her, and will surely be attended ironically by many. However, there are actually legitimate, talented artists contributing to this show, including a personal favorite, comic book artist Phil Noto.

It also features several L.A. comedians/funny people, including Steve Agee (The Sarah Silverman Program), Eric Appel (Funny or Die) and Peter Atencio (Key and Peele).

An example of the art being displayed; this piece is from artist Kevin Wada:

While I may be hating on Kristen Stewart a little, I have to admit that she was kind of awesome in "Adventureland," and this art show will probably be kind of great.