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Tyler the Creator arrested at wildly genius Odd Future Christmas show at The Roxy

Tyler the Creator arrested

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Tyler the Creator being arrested outside the Roxy in West Hollywood after he allegedly vandalized the club's sound board.

Given everything that occurred over the course of the Odd Future Christmas melee at the Roxy last night, I honestly thought Tyler The Creator ending the show with a Mexican Hat Dance on top of the mixing board was part of the show. Seeing him shoved into a cop car with his mom crying and fans doing their best to start a riot on Sunset Boulevard quickly told me it wasn’t.

I’ve been low-key obsessed with the OFWGKTA (“Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All”) crew ever since I caught them destroy a beyond sold-out club Echo last December. Between their surprisingly tight stage show and the amazing crowd of truly new-school kids creating their own culture was a wonder to behold, especially in real time. Coupled with Tyler’s album Bastard being my favorite hip-hop album of last year (it was officially released – for free – on Christmas Day of 2009), I’ve charted the course of Odd Future as the new bad boys of rap rather closely. I find them to be refreshingly (and often shockingly) real, existing somewhere between N.W.A. and Bad Brains, and in more ways than just the obvious.