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Schmidt from 'New Girl' recommends his favorite LA things

The Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences' Screening Of Fox's "New Girl"

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Actor Max Greenfield, who plays Schmidt on "New Girl," with costar Jake M. Johnson at The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' screening of Fox's "New Girl" at Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre on May 7, 2012 in North Hollywood.

I genuinely enjoy "New Girl" (as I noted in this post earlier this week about Zooey Deschanel's weird iPhone commercial), so I was kind of excited to see the actor who plays overly enthusiastic bro/weirdo Schmidt share what he likes in the most Schmidt-like place possible, Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle guide site Goop.

The part that's awesome is that I can't tell if this is him, or him writing kind of in character. I'm just going to assume that he's just like his character and not let that illusion be broken.

Schmidt — OK, fine, actor Max Greenfield — lives in Los Angeles, so his picks included a couple of L.A. items. Those picks:

  • Chilanthropy candles. They help you chill, and a portion of the sales from this L.A. company's candles goes to charity, thus the philanthropy that gives the last half of the name.
  • Also, Milk ice cream parlor. As a Scoops diehard and someone who loves ice cream as much as the next guy, I was a little excited to discover another awesome L.A. ice cream shop. And I'm pretty sure that the Cupcake in a Cone sounds like the best thing ever.