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Nintendo Power ceases publication now that everyone plays Xbox and doesn't read magazines (slideshow)

Rob Boudon/Flickr Creative Commons

The very first issue of Nintendo Power magazine.

Alexander Case/Flickr Creative Commons

A Nintendo Power top 20 list from issue 33.

Rob Boudon/Flickr Creative Commons

Issues of Nintendo Power's predecessor, the Nintendo Fun Club newsletter.

Bryan Ochalla/Flickr Creative Commons

A 1989 issue of Nintendo Power magazine focusing on the second Legend of Zelda game.

sunny_J/Flickr Creative Commons

An early issue of Nintendo Power alongside the Game Boy and classic Game Boy game Tetris.

Bryan Ochalla/Flickr Creative Commons

A 1988 issue of Nintendo Power magazine featuring the sequel to Castlevania.

Bryan Ochalla/Flickr Creative Commons

An early Nintendo Power magazine looking at Mega Man 2.

Nintendo Power magazine is ceasing publication after 24 years, Ars Technica is reporting. "Nintendo what now?" you may be asking. "Magahuh?" you may say as you read this on your iPad.

In the pre-Internet days, video game news came from magazines, and Nintendo Power was the king of them all. It started as the Nintendo Fun Club, a short publication that probably doesn't even qualify as a magazine, before bursting out as a full-fledged magazine with a Super Mario Bros. 2 cover story. (You can read the entire first issue here.)

As a lifelong gamer, it was the first magazine I ever forced my mom to subscribe to when I was a small tyke (emphasis on that; I'm not that old), so it makes me a little sad to hear. I subscribed for years personally, until Nintendo systems became more of a niche and first the PlayStation 2 and later the Xbox 360 achieved market dominance.