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Eat in the street: Pasadena prepares for the second 626 Night Market

Night Market

Mae Ryan/KPCC

Thousands walk through Old Pasadena to taste dishes from all over Asia at the 626 Night Market.

The crush of the 626 Night Market will return to Pasadena on July 28 for another round of food feasting and wares for sale.

The April debut of the market, where "thousands of people squeezed into a city block packed with 80 vendors selling food, jewelry, cell phone cases, clothes," was digested and examined on The Madeleine Brand Show.

Pasadena police said they counted about 6,000 people at peak times -- three times more the number of people anticipated for the entire evening.

The department added eight more officers to manage the crowds and traffic on top of the four officers already assigned to the market.

Overhead, a police helicopter kept a watchful eye over the gridlock. Many people complained about waits for food that stretched to an hour. Some vendors even ran out of food.