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Pheromone party offers sniffin’ good time at the Cinefamily


A guest at the April 5 pheromone party at the Cinefamily takes a whiff.

Earlier this month, Los Angeles saw its first-ever “pheromone party,” held at the Cinefamily theater on Fairfax. And according to host/organizer Judith Prays, “everyone seemed to have interesting interactions.”

No doubt. As the LA Weekly reported, the April 5 event involved dozens of lively singles mobbing tables stacked with unwashed shirts, where they grabbed the shirts, sniffed them deeply and commented on the fragrance. Like a speed-dating seminar, only with lots more shirt-sniffing.

Prays, a filmmaker and rapper from Long Beach, came up with her idea a couple years ago, and the first (and only other) pheromone party was held a year and a half ago in New York. Both that one and the recent event at the Cinefamily apparently resulted in a lot of hook ups -- though it remains to be seen how permanent the relationships will be.