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Louis CK sells new comedy special directly, promotes on Reddit

Comedian Louis CK onstage at the Beacon Theater.

Comedian Louis CK onstage at the Beacon Theater.

Louis C.K. has a new comedy special out, "Louis C.K.: Live at the Beacon Theater," and instead of going the traditional route and putting it out somewhere like HBO or Comedy Central, he's distributing it directly from his website, LouisCK.net as a digital download. He's charging $5 for the fully produced special, and for that you get the chance to stream and download the hour special.

He's also going nontraditional with how he's promoting it, including doing one of Reddit's AMA question and answer sessions, answering the queries of the Reddit fan base. He covers topics including piracy, interacting with fans, how deeply involved he is in producing his FX TV show "Louie" (down to editing the entire second season himself) and more. Some highlights:

On why he doesn't sleep with fans: "I don't really hang around after shows. I bolt. I think the idea of f---ing someone who just watched you perform is... it's just not me."


Something else being pirated: Comic books

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Canon 9950F scanner

Showing that, if there's a thing that it's possible to pirate, people will do so, a piracy community has even sprung up around pirating comic books. Every Wednesday, when new comics are released, pirates will hurriedly scan all the new books and put them out on the Internet.

It's an interesting group as comic companies begin putting out their comic books for sale online officially; DC Comics made news recently by going "day-and-date digital" for the first time in September, releasing all their new comic for sale online the same day they're available in stores. They're still charging the same price as those paper copies, so there are still going to be plenty who refuse to pay those prices for their comic book fix. (Of course, there are some who, no matter how cheap the official source is, will never pay.)