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What albums does Pitchfork's People's List say Los Angeles music fans love?


Pitchfork's People's List looks at the albums almost 28,000 of their readers love; what didn't make the list that should have?

Pitchfork, the journal of what hipsters think about music (or something like that), just published "The People's List," covering readers' favorite albums from the publication's first 15 years, 1996 through 2011. They started the poll last summer, but now that polling's closed, they've released an excellent breakdown of what the huge amount of data they got means.

With 27,981 voters and 116,009 albums selected, they broke things down by gender, age and location, so you can find out what kind of albums are more likely to be dug by women than men, by old than young and so on.

Of the top 200, Los Angeles had the third highest number of albums from an artist associated with their city, coming in with 10. The winner? Brooklyn — of course. They had 31 albums. The greater New York City area rocked the rankings, with New York City itself in second with 12 albums.