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Kevin Smith hosts live podcast in theaters nationwide, new TV special Feb. 11

Director/writer Kevin Smith is hosting "Kevin Smith: Live From Behind featuring 'Jay and Silent Bob Get Old'" tonight, a live broadcast of the podcast he does with his friend/frequent co-star Jason Mewes, aka Jay. It's available in theaters around the country, including a number here in California. (You can view a full list of theaters showing the film here.)

Smith has long experimented with digital media, new ways of getting his content out there and more. He hosts online morning radio shows, puts out a variety of popular podcasts and hosts live tapings on a regular basis at the Jon Lovitz Podcast Theater in Universal City. He's long nurtured a popular message board community and has 2 million followers on Twitter.

His last film, "Red State," was distributed independently, with a nationwide tour of the film featuring live Q&A's with the director, a release to on demand and only limited theatrical showings for a film that Smith didn't feel would be profitable if distributed in a traditional way.