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'The Hobbit' trailer gives a peek at the latest 2-part epic

Two part movies are all the rage right now with Twilight: Breaking Dawn being split up, as well as the final Harry Potter book making two movies, and that trend is about to continue with "The Hobbit." The first, subtitled "An Unexpected Journey," is out next December, while "There and Back Again" hits theaters in December of 2013.

The first trailer has been meticulously picked apart by fans; my favorite overly in-depth analysis was done by Bleeding Cool.

As someone who hasn't read "the Hobbit" since I was a small lad (wait, is watching this trailer making me talk like them now?), some of the trailer was a bit mystifying, but still exciting. There are enough touchstones for it to be accessible to those who just know the story from "the Lord of the Rings" films, though — particularly a closing appearance by everyone's favorite piece of CGI magic, Gollum.