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'Tower Records Project' wants your rock and roll memories, and money to catalog them

tower records sunset blvd

Photo by donohue via Flickr Creative Commons

Be on the lookout, rockers. Tower Records founder Russ Solomon has issued a call to arms (and/or sleeves), to all former employees and customers of the famous chain. 

The historic record store honcho is building a sky-high pile of archival material, and is hoping you have money and memories to contribute.

In collaboration with the Center for Sacramento History, Solomon is launching The Tower Records Project, a fundraising campaign on a mission to preserve, and publicly display, the legacy of the bankruptcy-busted, Sacramento-based chain.

The effort to maintain the chain's history actually began a few years ago, notes the project website.

In 2009, founder Russ Solomon donated over 200 boxes of Tower-related history—artwork, photographs, memorabilia, awards, business records and correspondence, office furnishings and even the neon signs from the first stand-alone store—to the Center for Sacramento History.