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Dawson's Creek's Pacey invades San Diego Comic-Con

There's a lot of spectacle at San Diego Comic-Con, but one moment I had the chance to witness myself was Joshua Jackon (currently of Fox's "Fringe") walking down the street dressed as the character that first brought him to prominence, Pacey from Dawson's Creek. He was followed by a camera crew and someone holding a boombox playing "Dawson's Creek" theme "I Don't Want To Wait" by Paula Cole.

He passed out flyers to Pacey-Con 2010, gave a dramatic reading, and generally acted insane. It was all part of a guerilla shoot for a Funny Or Die video, which you can see below. As Jackson explained to MTV News, "The original concept was, you know, actors are always trying to run away from characters they've had in their past. Well, I wanted to do the video that was the exact opposite."


Comic-Con Thursday - 'Tron Legacy,' Stallone, Whedon, Abrams and more

The first full day of San Diego Comic-Con is in the books. It featured panels with stars like Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Angelina Jolie.

Stallone was there to promote his August action film, "The Expendables," on a panel that also featured co-stars Dolph Lundgren, "Stone Cold" Steven Austin, Randy "The Natural" Couture, Terry Crews, and a special brief appearance by Bruce Willis. Willis was on a panel earlier to promote his new film RED, more in the action-comedy mold.

The biggest film of the day, and possibly of the entire convention, was "Tron Legacy." Fans everywhere wore "Flynn's Arcade" and "Flynn Lives" T-shirts, and it had the largest number of fans pre-registered on the Comic-Con scheduling site. They showed eight minutes of footage from the film at the convention; a full trailer is included below.


Comic-Con 2010 begins

Pop culture mega event Comic-Con kicked off Wednesday night with Preview Night. They limit the number of attendees, offering fans a chance to check out the exhibit hall with slightly less fear of being trampled to death.

Tron Legacy is likely the biggest film of this year's convention, kicking off the panels on Thursday morning, but 2011 will also be a big year for comic book films. Summer 2011 will see Green Lantern, Captain America and Thor all making their way to the big screen.

Comic books compete with film, television, video games, toys and more at today's San Diego Comic-Con. Fans come from around the world to share in the excitement.

This year's event sold out months before the actual show. This year, many fans were lined up already Wednesday night to buy something very important – their tickets for next year.


Comic-Con moving to Los Angeles or Anaheim?

It's Comic-Con week. Every year, over 100,000 fans gather in San Diego to immerse themselves in pop culture, including the latest in film, television, comics and more. But will it be in San Diego for long?

Anaheim and Los Angeles are both making serious bids to woo Comic-Con - and the 130,000+ fans and $160+ million in revenue the event generates. It was expected that the announcement would be made before this week's big event, but the decision has been delayed.

The cities involved are trying to sweeten their deals, offering the convention more exhibit space, more hotel rooms and nicer facilities. Anaheim looks to hold the lead when it comes to convention space currently, with both San Diego and Anaheim looking to expand.

San Diego has 40 years of tradition on its side, while L.A. offers access to the L.A. Live complex with its various theaters, as well as the Staples Center. L.A. doesn't have the same level of hotel space near the Los Angeles Convention Center, but could that Hollywood allure bring Comic-Con to the L.A. area?


Auditions for 'American Idol' season 10 kick off, coming to San Francisco in August

Auditions just kicked off in Nashville for the 10th season of American Idol. I auditioned myself a few years back. It's my last year of Idol eligibility, but sadly I'll be out of the state during the nearest auditions to the L.A. area at San Francisco's AT&T Park on August 19th. However, if you want to make a go of it, you can read more about the San Francisco auditions here.

While you won't be seeing me singing (or wearing a wacky costume) on next season's show, it's still a fascinating time for the show. For the first time since the show began in 2002, Simon Cowell won't be there throwing cutting barbs at impressionable young people. Who will be the new Simon?

The show looks to be in need of a savior. Season 9 scored disappointing ratings, and the Idol live tour recently canceled eight shows and will be wrapping up the tour early due to low ticket sales.