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Video: Where to find the celebrities in Pharrell's 24-hour music video 'Happy'

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

iamOTHER (via YouTube)

The short version of Pharrell's "Happy" music video. Not the 24-hour long version.

Pharrell Williams from the Neptunes made his name by producing for other artists, but while he’s been mostly content to be a guest star or to do solo songs that heavily feature a bigger artist, he’s back with a straight-up solo single. And he’s doing it with an interactive music video for his song “Happy” — a 24-hour long video.

Every four minutes, a new video starts at 24HoursOfHappy.com, with a different dance take on the song shot at locations all over Los Angeles. The videos are all weaved together to create the illusion of a seamless 24 hours, with some obvious cuts here and there.

Pharrell maintains his familiar guest feel, except instead of backing up Robin Thicke on “Blurred Lines,” now he’s a guest in his own video, dropping in to do his own bit every hour on the hour. There are even convenient Pharrell skip buttons to let you skip straight to the next time Williams makes an appearance, and you can also just jump around to anywhere in the timeline you’d like.


'Doctor Who' at 50: A newbie's guide to the hit sci-fi series (FAQ)

Matt Burlem/BBC America

The 11 Doctors of "Doctor Who."

“Doctor Who,” the British science fiction show that’s been a longtime hit overseas and gaining in cult popularity here in the States, celebrates its 50th anniversary this Saturday with a new special: “The Day of the Doctor,” which is also screening in local movie theaters with bonus content on Monday. Don’t know “Doctor Who”? No worries, there’s still plenty of time to get caught up.

Wait, 50 years? Isn’t that a lot to get caught up on? Sure, but there’s a relatively low bar of what you need to know to jump in. Plus, the show went off the air in 1989 and, ’90s TV movie aside, came back in a rebooted fashion in 2005. And the current Doctor (at least for a bit longer) has only been there since 2010, so even less history.

One good place to start: You can listen to a chat KPCC host A Martinez had with KPCC reporter Sanden Totten and myself before the 2012 season premiere.


Video: Complete channel guide to the Bob Dylan 'Like A Rolling Stone' interactive viral video

Sony Music

Drew Carey hosts "The Price Is Right" as part of Bob Dylan's interactive "Like A Rolling Stone" viral video.

Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" came out almost 50 years ago, but that didn't stop him from releasing a music video for the song in 2013. Not only that, but it surprised everyone when it popped up online this week by doing something a lot of people thought was impossible: making a music video that feels like something different.

The interactive video lets viewers flip between 16 channels, where both real TV stars and fake ones lip-synch along to the song as they go about whatever show they happen to be a part of. But what's actually on the thing?

Watch the interactive video here, and follow along with our complete channel listing below (which also includes our best guesses at the real world TV stations and shows inspiring the Dylan Broadcasting System):

121: Music 1 Classics: The Great Hits Zone [VH1 Classic]
122: Music 1 Bass: Big Beats Hour
123: ShopTV: Great Offers for the Wee Hours [ShopHQ, HSN or QVC]
124: History Network: New York, 1930-1940, Inside The Great Depression [History Channel]
125: Moviez: Love is Love (96 min.) [Romantic comedies]
126: TTC: Bachelor's Roses [TLC: "The Bachelor" with maybe a dab of "Real Housewives"]
127: MTC Business: Wall Street Market Update [Bloomberg TV or CNBC]
128: Cuisine: Childhood Flavors [Food Network]
129: Reality Check: Pawn Stars
130: Look TV: Fashion In and Out [Style Network, though it no longer exists]
131: GSC: The Price Is Right [Game Show Network (GSN): "The Price Is Right"]
132: WTFC: Maron [IFC: "Maron"]
133: SportsTime: The Pan-Asia Tennis Tournament [ESPN: "SportsCenter"]
134: Home+: Property Brothers [HGTV: "Property Brothers"]
135: Just For KIDS: Zoey and Socks [Nick Jr.: "Dora The Explorer"]
136: BCC News: The News Desk [CNN]


Watch the 'Gravity' spinoff short film that could win an Oscar

Warner Bros.

A still from the "Gravity" spinoff short film, "Aningaaq."

In "Gravity," Sandra Bullock's astronaut Ryan Stone makes contact in a moment of desperation with Earth. She reaches someone, but a language barrier keeps her from connecting with the man on the ground.

Now, a short film showing the other side of that conversation — titled "Aningaaq" — has gone viral. Shot by "Gravity" director Alfonso Cuaron's son, Jonas (who also co-wrote "Gravity"), the short film was originally set to be a fun Blu-ray extra feature for the movie fans who want to dive a little deeper, according to the Hollywood Reporter

But the video began finding an audience and building a name for itself on the festival circuit. So much so that it's being submitted for Oscar consideration in the live-action short category.

Watch the film below:

If "Aningaaq" ends up being nominated for an Academy Award (alongside the widely expected nominations for "Gravity"), it would be a historic moment for the Oscars: the first time a spinoff and its originating material were nominated in the same year, according to the Reporter.


FXX cancels late night talk show ‘Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell’ (video)

W. Kamau Bell

Matthias Clamer

FXX made its first cancelation Wednesday, cutting late-night talk show “Totally Biased,” Defamer reports. The show, hosted by former San Francisco comedian W. Kamau Bell, aired four nights a week, like many late night cable talk shows. It regularly tackled issues of discrimination with an edgy comedic touch.

Produced by Chris Rock, the show had received strong ratings when it made its debut as a weekly show on FX, but its success didn’t carry over when it made the move to a nightly show on FX comedy spinoff FXX. FXX is available in 72 million homes, which is 26 million fewer than the 98 million that get FX.

The show peaked with 577,000 viewers on FX in June, but some recent episodes had just 10,000 viewers, according to the Hollywood Reporter. It faced a lack of lead-in strength, with few originals on the new network.