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Funny or Die admits hoverboard prank in new video starring Christopher 'Doc Brown' Lloyd

hoverboard skateboard back to the future


A HUVr hoverboard, styled after the "Back to the Future 2" device.

Funny or Die admitted that they were behind the hoax in a new video. The larger purpose behind that HUVr Tech hoverboard video prank: Facebook comments.

Back to the Future star Christopher Lloyd, aka Doc Brown, gives a seemingly faux-tearful apology, claiming to be "hover-duped" while also noting that he was there and saw the wires and the cranes. His joke explanation: That he wanted to believe so bad that his brain must have erased those wires and those cranes.

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In any case, they're promising to give away a HUVr hoverboard used in the shoot that's styled like the one in "Back to the Future Part II," signed by everyone involved, to a random commenter on their Facebook post of the apology video who posts in the next 24 hours from when it was posted. You've got until 2:17 p.m. Thursday.


Funny or Die apparently behind fake 'Back to the Future' hoverboard video


HUVrTech (via YouTube)

HUVr Tech's video claiming to depict real hoverboards. (Hint: They're not.)

Read the update here: Funny or Die admits hoverboard prank in new video starring Christopher 'Doc Brown' Lloyd.

Ever since "Back to the Future Part II" came out, people have wanted to believe in the idea of the hoverboard — a hovering skateboard — so, so bad. The idea has crept back up in the popular imagination as we grow closer to the time of that film — 2015 — and the latest to seize on the eagerness of the public is HUVr Tech, who claimed to have created the world's first hoverboard and released a video displaying the device shot in downtown Los Angeles.

The video includes endorsements from pro skater Tony Hawk, Moby, Terrell Owens and the "Back to the Future" franchise's own Christopher Lloyd. It's a compelling video, but there sadly seems to be less here than meets the eye.


'Guardians of the Galaxy' hype asks if audiences want superheroes they've never heard of

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Trailer 1 (OFFICIAL)

Marvel Entertainment (via YouTube)

The trailer for Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy."

The hype for Marvel's big summer space opera "Guardians of the Galaxy," in theaters Aug. 1, went into overdrive this week with the trailer for the film premiering on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and additional videos going up on Marvel's YouTube account. The trailer sets out to answer the question in almost everyone's minds: Who or what exactly are the Guardians of the Galaxy?

It's a collection of the lowest profile Marvel comic book characters to headline a movie as part of Marvel Studios' current string of films, beginning with 2008's "Iron Man." Those previous films, based around established properties like Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America, weren't guaranteed hits, but they at least had a place already carved out in the culture.

The new trailer acknowledges this, spending most of the time with John C. Reilly's character reading down the vital statistics of all of the team's members. They're presented as being about action while also being about goofy fun as they try to appeal to a broad audience, with the trailer finishing up with scenes set to "Hooked on a Feeling." Marvel also followed up Thursday with more videos offering short profiles of each member with brief soundbites from the actors, which you can watch below.


Sochi Winter Olympics: Jimmy Kimmel pranks Olympic fans with fake wolf video from California Olympian

Epic #SochiFail: Wolf in my hall

katehansen92 (via YouTube)

Video posted on Kate Hansen's YouTube page that allegedly shows a wolf but was actually part of a prank by Jimmy Kimmel.

Kate Hansen, a local Californian Olympic luge competitor, tweeted a video Wednesday — allegedly filmed on her cell phone — showing a wolf roaming the hallway outside her Olympic Village room in Sochi. However, it's actually a prank courtesy of ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel, "Inside Edition" reports; several outlets report this has been confirmed by the United States Luge Association.

Tweet from Kate Hansen

The description on the video posted to the 21-year-old Hansen's YouTube page reads, "I'm pretty sure this is a wolf wandering my hall in Sochi." It played upon the popular #SochiProblems and #SochiFail hashtags with various perceived problems with the city and its accommodations, along with Sochi's reputation for having stray dogs walking its streets. Hansen, who hails from La Cañada, is reportedly set to Skype with Kimmel for a taping of his show "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Thursday.


When the Kickstarter engine fails to turn over — From Veronica Mars to NPR


The Veronica Mars Movie Project was fully funded on Kickstarter.

The "Veronica Mars" movie comes out next month, which was one of the highest profile Kickstarter-funded projects to date and raised $5.7 million, but Kickstarter projects often aren't so immediately successful.

There can be a lot of reasons for that — maybe the rewards for supporters aren't set up properly, without enough motivation for small donors. Maybe there isn't the faith in the creators behind the projects, which video game site Kotaku says could have contributed to two failed Kickstarters for the video game "Shadow of the Eternals." Some are so woefully bad ideas that there's a popular Failed Kickstarters Tumblr documenting them. Or maybe there just isn't the mass enthusiasm needed to draw enough donors to bring the project to life.

So far, 44 percent of Kickstarter projects have been successful, which isn't a bad success rate — but that does mean that almost 73,000 projects have failed to achieve funding, according to the organization.. Kickstarter asks a variety of questions to try to make sure that the type of dreamers who want money for a project also have at least a little idea of the business questions they'll need to sort out if they do get their project funded, but those questions can only go so far.