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Hollywood head discovery: Hand discovered not far from severed head

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Police have now found a hand not far from the fairly fresh severed head discovered by a hiker on a Hollywood trail on Tuesday. The hand, which unlike the head was not bagged, was found about 50 yards from the head.

"The hand is still where they found it, they're taking pictures of it, and they'll take it down to the coroner's office," said Cmdr. Andy Smith. 

The L.A. Times reported this morning that police sources said the head was from an Armenian male in his 40s, but Smith said, "As we've taken a look at that, we're saying undetermined now. It could be European or Armenian, but they're saying undetermined." The age estimate has also shifted to between 40 and 60.

Police are combing missing persons reports, among other things, throughout the county to try to identify the person the head and the hand belongs to.

The LAPD resumed the search this morning in daylight, and Smith said they're trying to finish the search of the area before dark tonight but they'll continue searching "as long as it takes."

Smith told the Times the LAPD thinks a crime occurred somewhere else and the body was dumped.

The Times first reported the hand discovery.


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