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TSA 'PreCheck' program arrives at LAX with speedy security options

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A new, passenger pre-screening program will have travelers flying through TSA security ASAP at LAX.

The Transportation Security Administration "PreCheck" pilot program touches down at Los Angeles International Airport on Jan. 18, offering pre-approved fliers an expedited security experience. 

At check-in, PreCheck enrolled passengers will not have to go shoeless and beltless, they can leave liquids and laptops inside carry-on luggage, as they mosey a reserved fast path through the security area.

Expedited screening does not guarantee immunity from standard security restrictions, however. Random searches and unexpected measures are still a possibility.

As part of the program's application process, individuals are required to release personal information, submit to fingerprinting and background checks, and participate in a face-to-face interview. 

If approved, future boarding passes will be encrypted with special bar codes to alert TSA of PreCheck status.

American Airlines and Delta are the first to implement the program in Los Angeles, with expanded participation by other airlines expected later in the year.

PreCheck is already operational in Las Vegas, Dallas, Detroit, Atlanta, and Miami.




Will you enroll? Do you think the program will be a success?