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Inside the Facebook page of suspected killer Elizabeth Ibarra

L.A. Weekly posted a breakdown of Elizabeth Ibarra's Facebook on Wednesday. The 19-year-old is suspected of luring Francisco Rodriguez onto his front lawn, then shooting and killing him. 

Dubbing it her "telling Facebook trail," L.A. Weekly posted several screenshots showing new, if confusing, layers of the relationships between Ibarra, Jason Schumann (the suspected shooter) and Rodriguez.

One post features a picture of the future suspected shooter with a baby, captioned by Ibarra as "DELANO WiTH HiS DADDY :'] ♥ H0W AD0RABLE!!" She then went on to call him a "sick cheating son of a b----" in the comments section. Another post highlights future victim Rodriguez making a suggestive comment on a picture of Ibarra from July of last year.

The rest of the Weekly's report can be found here