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'Indiana Bones' and the case of the hiker who maybe took photos with a severed head

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Though no additional human remains were unearthed today following the disturbing discoveries this week of body parts in the Hollywood Hills, the sad and weird news still got sadder and weirder.

As of Thursday afternoon, the body-part tally stood at five, with two human hands and two human feet recovered Wednesday by cadaver dogs, including one named Indiana Bones

Additionally, there were unconfirmed reports today that the hiker may have posed for photos with the severed head after calling 911. 

Gawker reported that the L.A. Times, New York Post and TMZ were being solicited by a "prominent Hollywood photo agency" shopping around pictures of one of the women posing with the severed head. The asking price for the image was $5,000.

In a phone call with KPCC, LAPD spokesman Andy Smith confirmed that authorities heard rumors about the photos, but that they did not have any hard evidence.

"I don't think there's anything technically illegal about taking a photo like that, maybe immoral and terribly unfortunate," Smith commented. "It's a pretty creepy thing to do isn't it?"

More for the "sad" column, Smith also told KPCC that "three young Armenian fellows came up to me last night and said 'Hey here's a picture of my dad and he's been missing for a couple of months.'" But it wasn't the men's father.

The disturbing discovery on Tuesday of a human head in a bag launched an extensive LAPD search of the Hollywood Hills to locate the rest of the body. That investigation is still underway in Bronson Canyon Park.


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