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Unfazed by Taser, officers shoot and kill metal pole-wielding man

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A witness video of a fatal shooting in a Carl's Jr. parking lot on Monday appears to show the third time in three days that Los Angeles County authorites used lethal force on a suspect.

The incident began at the restaurant in the 1200 block of Cesar Chavez Avenue just before 9:30 a.m. on Monday, said the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. 

The suspect, carrying a long metal object, walked "slowly and calmly" to the side of the building before "very nonchalantly smashing in the windows with his weapon," wrote the witness below a YouTube video that aired on network television news. 

After ignoring orders to drop his weapon, police used a Taser on the suspect, which seemed to have no effect. At least one officer opened fire as the suspect began to swing at police with the metal object.

Though much of the altercation is visible on the video, the actual shooting is partially obscured by a parked vehicle. Ten shots are heard -- five fired while the suspect was standing, and five after he appears to fall to the ground.

The suspect was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Before dawn on Sunday, 22-year-old Karapet Bulmadzhyan was shot and killed by officers in his North Hollywood driveway after allegedly threatening apartment building occupants with a gun, said authorites.

In Lancaster on Saturday, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies fatally shot a man, said to be wanted felon and gang member, when he reached for his waistband.



Correction: An earlier version of this story mistakenly named LAPD in the Monterey Park shooting.

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