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Not the day to play with matches: Santa Ana winds close school, create fire weather danger

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Santa Ana winds, true to Steely Dan prediction, are here again. A significant and dangerous wind event with conditions conducive to rapid fire growth, is expected across Ventura and Los Angeles from Friday to Saturday afternoon.

Gusty winds will increase throughout the morning, with the strongest blows expected to reach 60-70 mph across the mountain regions, the National Weather Service warns. In valley and coastal areas, north to northeast winds and gusts should reach about 35-55 mph.

Potential hazards include the usual suspects: downed trees, destroyed power lines, and dangerous cross-winds for high vehicles.

Additionally, the extremely dry air (with relative humidity dropping into the single digits and teens) combined with the strong offshore winds, will produce critical fire weather conditions across a majority of Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

Concerned about flying debris and other hazards, Cal State University San Bernardino cancelled all classes on Friday as strong Santa Ana winds "barreled though the Cajon Pass," the L.A. Times reports.


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