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Miramonte Elementary parents form 'Madres de Miramonte' to confront child abuse scandals

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This morning marked the first meeting of the “Madres de Miramonte,” a parents group that has formed to confront twin child abuse scandals at the school. Two of the school's teachers were arrested last week for allegedly committing lewd acts against children.

Disgruntled parents have called for Principal Martin Sandoval to respond to the accusations that have rippled through Miramonte. Morning demonstrators protested on the campus, bringing signs and banners and calling Sandoval purposefully evasive.

After this morning’s protest, former state Sen. Martha Escutia rounded up around 60 parents, mostly mothers, and took them to a neighboring house to plan a demonstration for later in the day, when Superintendent John Deasy will speak to parents at a nearby high school.

At the impromptu gathering, some have voiced their anger over Deasy's change in venue. They say physically relocating the meeting to the recently opened school takes away from the issue at hand, and is an attempt to distract from conversation.

Members of "Madres de Miramonte" have arranged to meet at Miramonte Elementary at 4 p.m., dressed in white and holding candles. From there, they'll march to Deasy, where he will speak parents and answer questions in a meeting at 6 p.m. "Madres de Miramonte" has invited all L.A. County parents to participate.

Also, Attorney Luis Carrillo came to the campus to announce he had filed a claim against the school district on behalf of three additional victims of Berndt between 2008 and 2010

Two girls and a boy alledge being subjected to Berndt's games, though none are present in the hundreds of photos found by law enforcement officials. One of the girls ran to tell her mother she was also a victim after seeing a news report about Berndt.

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