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First of two storms hits LA

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High temperatures in the valleys will be mostly in the low 60s as the first of this week’s two storms passes through. Bonnie Bartling of the National Weather Service said L.A. will receive small amounts of rain Monday and Wednesday.

“Any rain amounts could be anything from zero to a trace, maybe a quarter inch, unless in the interior areas we got a thunderstorm, might get a little more than a quarter inch,” she said.

But driving in the region north of L.A., including the Grapevine, could be a problem due to wind and approaching snow.

“Snow levels could get down to 3,000 feet at times, also the foothills in the Antelope Valley in Soledad Pass, so I would definitely be in tune for winter weather conditions. And then we’ll have some gusty winds so probably seem rather chilly,” she said.

Bartling is predicting another storm Wednesday, but skies should clear by the end of the week.


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