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Fun returns! Beach football, Frisbee ban/fine to be eliminated

Kids throwing footballs on a beach
Kids throwing footballs on a beach
Tony Pierce/KPCC

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Dust off that Frisbee and head to the beach. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is doing an about-face, getting rid of some old rules that restricted football and Frisbee on the sand. The change comes after a misunderstanding about those rules went viral.

It’s a classic case of good intentions, bad results. Last week the supervisors tried to “relax” some of the rules that said you can’t toss a football on a crowded beach if it endangers public safety.

But a couple of media outlets got it wrong — they reported that a beach football game would now cost you a thousand dollar fine.

The reports went viral. And the outrage poured in.

So Tuesday, the supervisors met to see if they could clarify things, but supervisor Don Knabe took it further. He recommended ditching the rules altogether, since nobody’s been ticketed for a beach football or Frisbee offense in 40 years.

Knabe’s recommendation was accepted. Unanimously.

County lawyers will rewrite the laws, and beach football fans can breathe easier.