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Restrictions on publicly released 911 calls, and other California laws that might be considered this year

34000 full
34000 full

Last year, California lawmakers introduced nearly 2,400 bills and about a third of those became law. This Friday is the deadline for lawmakers to introduce bills for 2012. 

Among them is a proposed law that is the result of the 911 call released after Demi Moore was recently rushed to the hospital. Law enforcement agencies already can withhold personal details in such calls. But AB1275 by Assemblywoman Norma Torres would prohibit them from releasing medical or personal identifying information contained in emergency calls.

Also up for consdieration: Sen. Alex Padilla wants to regulate pet groomers. Assemblyman Anthony Portantino proposes to ban the open display of unloaded rifles and shotguns.

Other bills deal with public employee pensions, specialty license plates, cellphone sales taxes and commercial sale of homemade food.

We'll try to keep you posted on other forthcoming proposals. In the meantime, if you could propose just one new California law, what would it be?

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