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Metro reaches for the emergency brake on South L.A bus line


Transit giveth, and transit taketh away. Metro's 305 bus line, a vital route servicing Willowbrook to Westwood, faces elimination in the not-so-distant glow of the Expo light rail. 

The 305 route tacks across 20 miles of Los Angeles providing direct access to Westside jobs for residents of financial struggling communities in South Los Angeles. Cutting this, and other lines, would mean no more point A to point B commuting, but instead, transfers that will cost more money and time.

"County transportation officials have been trying to eliminate or reduce service on the 305 and other bus lines for more than a year. They have already tackled some lines and last week approved a report that could clear a federal government hurdle allowing them to institute further cuts," reports the L.A. Times.

Metro is looking to fully pull the emergency brake on nine bus lines and limit service on 11 others. The changes would mean about a 4% cut of all bus hours, and $23 million saved per year.

Advocates cite budget issues, ridership numbers and duplicate routes for the cutbacks. Critics say minorities and low-income riders depending on the service to get to work will be hit hardest by the reductions.